Aerial photo of ETTPOverview

The U.S. Department of Energy's East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) is getting a second life through a unique process called Reindustrialization. Parts of the vast complex, located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, are available for lease or purchase.

Photo of Heritage Center signETTP is actually home to two distinct business centers - Heritage Center and Horizon Center. Heritage Center (1) is located at the site of a former gaseous diffusion plant, which is currently undergoing cleanup. Several buildings have been identified for potential reuse and there are several hundred acres of land that is available for new construction.

Photo of office building at ETTPThe site plan for Heritage Center also includes preservation in some sort or another that is associated with DOE activities dating back to the famous Manhattan Project. Heritage Center has facilities for lease and/or sale that are ideal for all types of industry, from textiles to machining to assembly and manufacture. High-tech companies with needs for office space and telecommunications access are also moving into the Center.

Many buildings include ready-to-use equipments as cranes and machine tools. All contain sprinklers, fire mains, sanitary and potable water, and industrial electric service.

Photo of Horizon Center sign
In contrast, Horizon Center (2) is a new 1,000-acre greenfield site. The site is designed to provide building sites and amenities desired by high-tech companies while still preserving the area's scenic beauty.

Photo of handshakeStrategic Partnerships Advantage
Historic and newly created partnerships are thriving at ETTP. Expertise from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Oak Ridge Center for Manufacturing Technology play a vital role in transferring technologies developed through government funding to private industry. Such alliances offer solutions to tough manufacturing problems in the free market. One example is the partnership of Technology 2020, BellSouth, DOE, and the University of Tennessee to advance the development and application of information technologies.

Photo of powerlinesUtility Advantage

East Tennessee Technology Park has an extensive infrastructure, roads, and rail line accessibility. By taking advantage of the existing infrastructure and utilities available at ETTP, private businesses can reduce the capital outlay usually needed. Such advantages will enhance company growth and directly affect the bottom line.

The Park offers an abundant supply of electricity from the Oak Ridge Electric Department (CORED) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), at rates that are among the most competitive and stable in the nation. TVA is also one of the first utilities in the nation to incorporate innovative "Green Power" generation methods, such as wind power, solar power and methane gas energy.

To serve the telecommunication needs of tenants, a new telephone switching system is available that includes rich business lines and ISDN. High-speed computer networking through fiber optic connectivity is also available.

Photo of Electronics assembly workerWork Force Advantage
Employees include highly trained professionals, technical staff, and skilled and unskilled labor. Major industries in the region manufacture aluminum, agricultural products, specialized chemicals, textiles, and automobile equipment. Oak Ridge is known for its pool of experienced and highly educated scientists and engineers. In addition, workers skilled in specialized machining are available.
Photo of transportation optionsTransportation Advantage
The Park is only minutes away from the intersection of I-40/75 and close to I-81, the major north/south and east/west interstates. In fact, Oak Ridge is located within one day’s drive of more than 65 percent of major U.S. metropolitan areas. Rail lines serve the park daily while the site has an 11-mile short line track. A network of major deep-channel rivers borders the Park and extends to the river transport systems of the Ohio, Mississippi, and Tombigbee rivers. Twelve airlines serve nearby Knoxville’s airport.

Photo of Oak Ridge High SchoolEducation Advantage
Public schools in Oak Ridge are among the most innovative in the nation, producing college entrance scores that exceed national averages. In the year 2000, Money Magazine named Oak Ridge Schools in the top 100 school systems in the nation. Expansion Management magazine recently awarded the school system its fourth consecutive Gold Medal Award for academic excellence. These schools also offer vocational-technical education, alternative adult high school, and special education. In addition, the University of Tennessee along with two community colleges and a number of private colleges serve the area’s higher education needs.

East Tennessee Nature SceneRecreation, Cultural, and Health Care Advantages
Oak Ridge is within an hour’s drive of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Big South Fork Recreational Area, Cherokee National Forest, and seven TVA lakes. Oak Ridge’s cultural life includes two museums, a community chorus and orchestra, a community playhouse with programs for adults and children, outdoor concerts, and annual art festivals. The area also offers superior health care institutions, including a world-class, full-service trauma center.

Cost of Living Advantage

Thanks to the low cost of living, no State income tax, the abundant recreational and cultural opportunities, and the healthy local economy, the area’s quality of life is consistently rated high.

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