Infrastructure and Utilities

New Revitalization of Infrastructure at ETTP (PDF)
New Reindustrialization Supports Sustainability Efforts at ETTP (PDF)

Heritage Center has unique infrastructure and utility capabilities that make it highly desirable to private industry.

Full industrial-level utilities are available to support private industry and an in-place, complex infrastructure offers valuable assets to the commercial marketplace.

Heritage Center's infrastructure includes a well-maintained system of roads, railroad track, fire hydrants, sidewalks, parking and electricity transmission lines.

Natural gas, sanitary sewer, potable water lines, and compressed air run through the site for lessees’ ready access. The level to gently sloping ETTP is bordered on one side by the Clinch River, a navigable waterway that is part of the river system managed by TVA with links to the Tennessee River, the Tennessee/Tombigbee Waterway, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf Coast.

Air service from 12 airlines is provided at Knoxville’s McGhee Tyson Airport, about 25 miles southeast of Oak Ridge via Pellissippi Parkway. The airport offers 12 non-stop destinations throughout the East. Approximately 120 flights arrive at and depart from the airport daily with more than 7,500 seats available. Direct international flights originate from the Nashville and Atlanta airports.

As for ground transportation, the Park is only 8 miles from Interstate 40 and 10 miles from Interstate 75; both are major east-west and north-south interstates serving the eastern half of the nation. Six motor freight companies serve the Oak Ridge area, which is within a day’s drive of 65 percent of the metropolitan areas in the country. Norfolk Southern and CSX serve the area's rail lines.

Photo of wind power

The Park offers an abundant supply of electricity from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) at rates that are among the most competitive and stable in the nation. TVA is also one of the first utilities in the nation to incorporate innovative "Green Power" generation methods, such as wind power, solar power and methane gas energy.

Waste Disposal

Solid waste disposal is available at the Anderson County Chestnut Ridge landfill. Rates for these services are negotiable with the source supplier at a favorable industrial rate.

By taking advantage of the existing infrastructure and utilities available at ETTP, private businesses can reduce the capital outlay usually necessary. Such advantages will enhance company growth and directly affect the bottom line.

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