Photo collage of workforce

Photo of railroad passenger carEast Tennessee Rail Car (19)
Repairs and rebuilds freight cars, locomotives, and passenger cars.

Photo of Infrared Technologies Infrared Technologies, LLC (21)
Manufactures special infrared furnaces and performs contract heat treatment work for commercial industrial clients.

Photo of electron microscopeMaterials and Chemistry Laboratory, Inc. (22)
Provides materials science, materials characterization, and chemical systems development and optimization for private industry, university, and federal clients.

Materials and Energy Corporation (23)

Commercial hazardous waste treatment center.

Crown Castle

Safety and Ecology Corporation (SEC) (25)
Speciality engineering firm provides environmental remediation of radiological and other hazardous wastes, as well as facility decontamination and demolition.


Heritage Railroad (27)
Provides service to Heritage Center tenants with on-site rail spur service and to the general public with excursion train rides through area hillsides.

It's All So Yummy Cafe

Operations Management International, Inc. (OMI) (29)
Provides management, operation, and rehabilitation services for utilities and infrastructure at ETTP Heritage Center.

SBA Properties
Operates a cell tower at ETTP.

Star Vending
Vending company that serves packaged foods and drinks at ETTP.

Related Tenant Information

Tenant Risk and Dose Associated with Occupied Space at ETTP (PDF Fact Sheets)
These fact sheets are designed to present technical information on radiological and chemical risks and hazards at ETTP. They rely on lease-space specific information--on baseline conditions and tenant occupancy and use patterns--to offer tenants information about their leased space. The fact sheets also translate risk values into doses and relate that information into commonly understood risks and hazards. For example, equating dose (in millirem per year) from occupying a certain building at ETTP to the dose associated with natural background radiation or smoking two packs of cigarettes per day.

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